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Casper Wyoming is growing quickly fueled by a stable economy with plenty of jobs and a high quality of life for all our residents. With a balanced mix of metropolitan amenities, small-town comforts, rich western heritage, and a diverse range of recreational activities, our town of 65,000 is unlike any other in the state.

Download the 2015 Casper City Guide, which is designed to give you a better idea of what Casper is all about, and help make your move to Casper as easy as possible with critical information about real estate, activities in and around the city, and dining and entertainment. It also provides logistical information such as where to get your driver’s license and school registration.

Throughout the publication look for our Chamber member businesses who offer the services you will be looking for when you move to our great city.

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Thanks to a strong extract minerals industry, Wyoming has one of the best-funded public education systems in the country. Casper students benefit further through Casper College, our community college offering two-year degree programs, as well as four-year programs through partnerships with the University of Wyoming and other accredited universities.


Natrona County School District: (307) 577-0200

Higher Education:

Casper College: (307) 268-2110 

University of Wyoming at Casper (307) 268-2713


Wyoming residents benefit from low tax rates and no state-income tax.

Local Sales Tax: 5% 

Residential Property: 9.5% of FMV – Mill Levy 72.35

Industrial Property: 11.5% of FMV – Mill Levy 72.35 

State Tax: No corporate, personal, or inventory taxes



Rocky Mountain Power: (888) 221-7070

Natural Gas:

Black Hills Energy (800) 563-0012

Water & Sewer:

City of Casper: (307) 235-8400 

Town of Bar Nunn: (307) 237-7269 

Town of Evansville: (307) 234-6530

Town of Mills: (307) 234-6679

Cable Television:

Charter: (866) 213-6583

Telephone & Internet:

Century Link: (800) 244-1111

Charter: (866) 213-6583

Mountain West Telephone: (307) 233-8400


Motor Vehicle Dept.: (307) 235-9370

Drivers License: (307) 473-3333

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