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Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Council

Identify Industry concerns and issues, attract visitors, uniting the hospitality industry.

Committee Officers

Chair: Jereca Lutz

Vice-Chair: Sam Kingsolver

Secretary: Cathy Stepp

Chamber Liaison: Connie Richardson

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What Members Are Saying

Casper Chamber Members, in their own words, on the value of Committee Involvement

"I joined this committee because of the opportunity to develop and promote contacts, events and activities around the area that can bring sales opportunities for our business. Due to being a member of this committee, I have learned about promotional opportunities throughout the state to draw attention to our business from residents and visitors to the area. I have made contacts that have provided our company with resources, education, marketing, and sales that we were missing out on previously. The network, education, and development opportunities that I have had access to for our company have been invaluable in building awareness of our business throughout the region. The professional relationships I have built through this committee participation have also helped me develop my leadership and professional skills further, and have made me a better business professional. We welcome all Chamber members to come participate and enjoy the benefits of this committee's particular focus on developing activities and events that engage people of all ages and encourage visitors to spend time and money in Casper.”
Cathy Stepp, Donells Candies
"I am in the hotel business and very interested in what all is going on around Casper. We have been able to cross promote with 2 local restaurants which brings return tour groups to our hotel because of this relationship. Really excellent information comes across at these meetings. We get first-hand information on local attractions and upcoming events, and everyone is working hard together to not just sell their own businesses, but sell Casper as a destination city. Wyoming’s businesses are highly dependent on the Oil and Gas industries, and with this economic decline, we have to focus our efforts on tourism. The cooperation and relationships with the hotels, restaurants, retail, City of Casper representatives and other businesses really helps our community as a whole to keep revenue coming in.  Joining this committee is very beneficial, not just as a business owner or representative, but makes our vision stronger as a community.”
Jereca Lutz, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton
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