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WY Biz Tip – Writing an Effective Capability Statement

Small businesses in every industry can potentially expand their markets by selling their products or services to government agencies and a big part of this is developing an effective capability statement. A capability statement is essentially a “resume” for your business — giving contracting officers, small business specialists and other agency representatives a good idea of who you are, what you do and how you differ from your competitors. You can hand out paper versions of your capability statement at conferences, tradeshows and matchmaking events. You can post it on your website and/or email it directly to contracting officers or even prime contractors you hope to sub-contract with.

A critical marketing tool in contracting, a good capability statement effectively and concisely communicates with potential government customers. If you are thoughtful and creative, you can create a capability statement that grabs attention and interest — potentially leading to exciting contracting opportunities.

Capability statements should be brief and to-the-point. One single-sided page is ideal. Consider using graphics, logos and other visual elements but be sure that it is a high-quality, searchable PDF so you can easily email it to contracting officers and other contacts.

Your capability statement should include: 

  • Title: Something as simple as “Capability Statement”
  • Core competencies: What are you REALLY good at? Keep this focused- don’t try to be all things to all people.
  • Past performance: Who have you worked with in the past? What kinds of jobs?
  • Differentiators: What sets you apart from your competitors? What can you do that no one else does? Or, how do you do it better?
  • Company data: Contact information, website, NAICS/PSC codes, DUNS number and CAGE code
  • Logo and graphics

Once you have a good draft, be sure to solicit feedback from others, including your Wyoming Procurement Technical Assistance Center! We are available to review capability statements and provide tips to increase their effectiveness. 

For assistance with your capability statement, reach out to your local advisor for no-cost, confidential assistance at

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