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Each year the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce per the approved bylaws undergoes the process for the election of members of our Board of Directors. In August, the Nominating Committee is formed and begins the process of identifying and nominating a slate of nominees which then are distributed to the membership for selection. Nominations of interested parties from the general membership must be accompanied by the written signatures of support by five (5) voting members in good standing with the Chamber (dues paid in full to date).

Vision/Mission/Values Statements:

Our Vision: To build a vibrant, prosperous business environment by providing integrated services and resources to members.

Our Mission: To actively create business opportunities by connecting, informing, leveraging and collaborating with our members.

Our Values: Ethical stewards committed to putting members first through:

Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, and Service

Relationships of Board Members:

· To Chamber Policy: As a member of the Board of Directors, you are an individual acting in a governance capacity. You have the right to exert your influence with the Board for approval of actions and policies in the best interest of the Chamber and our Membership, but your authority does not go beyond your vote. You have no authority as an individual to commit the Chamber to any action or policy.

· To the Public: As a member of the Board of Directors, you are an official representative of the membership and an unofficial representative of the entire community. You should defend the Chamber against criticism and take steps to remedy conditions that cause justified criticism through your interaction with the Executive Committee and Chamber President and CEO.

·To the Staff: As a member of the Board of Directors, your influence is that of an advisor to the Board of Directors. The chief paid executive is responsible for hiring, firing, and management functions of all staff members.

· To Committee & Task Forces: As a member of the Board of Directors, you are responsible for remaining informed about the activities of all committees, events, and ad hoc task forces as you may be asked to study and act on their recommendations.

· To the Board: As a member of the Board of Directors, you are a partner in the important work of the Chamber to improve the economic and civic life of the community.

Board members are in a position of public trust and must act in a manner free from conflicts of interest, real or perceived.

· To the Program of Work: As a member of the Board of Directors, you must understand the relationship between the Board and the Chamber’s Strategic Direction.

· To the Budget: As a member of the Board of Directors, you recognize that the financial support of the Chamber comes from the annual investment of our membership, relevant services provided to the community, and fundraising activities. The Chamber operates on a budget approved by the Board. It is the responsibility of the Chamber management team (the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and Chief Executive) to get maximum results from available funds and to operate within the approved budget, adhering to the approved Financial Management Policies.

Board of Directors:

· Composition: The Board of Directors consists of fifteen (15) members that have been elected to three (3) year terms. Ideally, one-third of the board members rotate off the board or are re-elected to their position for another three-year term. After two consecutive terms, or a total of six (6) years of service on the Board, Directors must sit out one full year before being elected to the Board.

· Time Commitment: The Board of Directors is a “working” board. As such, each board member is expected to fully participate in the functions, programs, and projects of the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce. Each board member is asked to participate in one committee. The committees meet monthly for approximately one hour. Board members are expected to attend the different activities such as Business after Hours, Monthly Luncheons, Business to Business Expo, etc. Each Board member is expected to attend the Annual Dinner and to volunteer at any major fundraising event as appropriate.

· Attendance: Attendance at all board meetings and general membership meetings is strongly encouraged. If necessary, however, occasional absences may be approved. The Board Member is required to notify the President & CEO no later than the day before the Board meeting to request an excused absence. Three consecutive unexcused absences in one fiscal year will be grounds for your resignation from the Board.

· Financial Commitment: Board members are encouraged to support the Casper Chamber functions and are required to be members in good standing.

For additional information or questions, please contact the Chamber CEO, Tina Hoebelheinrich, IOM, CTA at


To build a vibrant, prosperous business environment by providing integrated services and resources to members.

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