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Chamber Ambassadors are goodwill representatives within the business community. They attend grand openings, ribbon cuttings, and other events that pertain to member businesses.

The Goals

-Make goodwill calls to welcome new Chamber members and congratulate businesses on recent expansions or new locations.

-Serve as a public relations arm of the Chamber to assist with recruitment & retention of members.

-Participate in Chamber events.

-Represent the Casper Area businesses at local, civic, and social events.

The Structure

This committee consists of any interested member of the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce in good standing. The offices of the Ambassadors shall consist of the Emperor/Empress, and Vice-Emperor/Vice-Empress. Nominations for offices will be taken at the February meeting and will be voted on at the March Meeting. The commitment to Emperor/Empress and Vice-Emperor/Vice-Empress is a (2) two-year commitment. The person voted in to the Vice-Emperor/Vice-Empress position will move into the Emperor/Empress position the following year and a new Vice-Emperor/Vice-Empress will be voted on. Newly elected officers will take office effective April 1st for a period of (1) one-year in their current position. In the event the Emperor/Empress should resign, the current standing Vice-Emperor/Empress will stand in place until nominations take place the following year. Should any other officer resign, the Ambassadors will hold a special election to fill that office.


-Be first in the know regarding new businesses.

-Provide opportunities for businesses to introduce themselves, recruit future customers, thank their business supporters, or showcase a remodeled location.

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What Members Are Saying

Casper Chamber Members, in their own words, on the value of Committee Involvement

“I became an Ambassador because I wanted to be more active in the current business environment and also make connections in our local community. Being an Ambassador has definitely benefited my place of business in many ways. One of the biggest benefits is being able to connect with local businesses and letting them know what we have to offer. People do business with people they know and trust and being an Ambassador has helped form many professional connections. One of the best things about being a Chamber Ambassador is being able to meet new people and develop relationships with not only our customers, but also with business associates. It is also great being so involved with such a great community. I would say to anyone interested in joining the Ambassadors was one of the greatest things I have done. You get to be a part of a great group of fun people with whom I am proud to be associated with and you have a great opportunity to be more involved in the community.”

—Amber Shepherd, Parkway Plaza Hotel & Convention Center

I had moved back to Casper after 15 years away, and it was a good way to reconnect with the business community here. My grandfather and father had been in ambassadors, so it was a natural progression for me to join. One of our core customer demographics is the business executives and corporate decision makers. By continuing to engage, communicate, network, and stay involved with that core of our community, we have been able to ride out the recent economic downturn better than many of our less engaged neighbors. The opportunity to socialize with other business people in a positive and relaxed setting, the ability to promote my company with people who are as engaged and supportive of our community and local businesses as we are, and the chance to leave the shop every once in a while! What is there to think about? If you do business in Casper, if you live in Casper, if you work in Casper, these are your customers and your neighbors. Why wouldn't you spend time getting to know them and working with them to better our businesses, our economy, and our community?”

—Cathy Stepp, Donells Candies

“I wanted to be a part of the Ambassadors to grow my own network and meet new people. Being a member of the Ambassadors has benefited my business by allowing me to be more engaged with businesses and people I might not otherwise be around. The friendships built within the Ambassadors committee allow for solid business referrals. The best thing about being a member of the Ambassadors is the people and friendships that come from networking. Everyone is very welcoming and fun. We all come together to welcome new business into the Casper Chamber of Commerce and help them showcase their business to the rest of the members. I would highly recommend joining the Ambassadors to not only represent your business out in the community but to gain friends, business referrals, and have a fun time.”

—Megan Miller, Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center

“I was new to town and needed to meet as many people as possible. By being an Ambassador I’ve gotten to know the people of Casper from a personal and business stand point. I’ve developed relationships I would have never developed had I not been an Ambassador. Getting to know Rich Lange! No, but really in all honesty, it’s a great committee and I highly recommend anyone to join! JUST DO IT!!!”

—Phillip Rael, State Farm Insurance

"Initially I joined the Chamber to network with new business people. I started attending Business After Hours, a few times, but never really thought it would benefit me or my business. Then a friend of mine who was an Ambassador, told me about the Ambassador’s, after she gave me her vest, I thought I better try giving the Ambassador’s a shot. I attended 2 meeting and really wasn’t trying to fit in with the group.

Then one day, I went to an Ambassador meeting and there was a new face. With that friendship, she explained to me more about the Ambassador’s, and what they could do for me and my business. We attended a functions, and thus held my accountable. Within a few months, I was mingling with my fellow ambassador’s, and I started having fun at a variety of functions. A few months later, I found myself in the Vice President role. Six months or later I became the President of the Ambassador’s. I look forward to our month meetings and regularly attend most, if not all, ribbon cuttings, grand openings, and other functions. In November of 2017, the ambassador’s started a new “benefit” for new members. I was asked to start reaching out to new members and get together and welcome them and interviewing them in order to write a short bio to introduce their business at ribbon cuttings.

If you are shy or you feel like you’re a fly on the wall, and a large function, find me, I will take you under my wing and show you around, and introduce you to other people at the function.

Before being an Ambassador, I was working for someone else making their dreams come true at the expense of my sweat on my brow. On January 10,2018 I quit my day job. Since joining the Ambassador’s I spend my day working for myself, making my goals and dreams come true. I no longer work for anyone else. Before being an Ambassador, I found myself networking and talking to employees of businesses, but now I am networking with the business owners. Although I am still working on getting to where I want to be in business, I have found networking with business owners more beneficial. Being apart of the ambassador’s has allowed me to continue to work for myself and continually meeting my goals.

By being part of the Ambassador’s, I get to meet new and existing business owners on a monthly basis. The more active I am in the group, the more successful I am that month.

If someone is considering joining the Ambassador’s, I would say just do it! If you want to succeed in business and you need a market, in my opinion you don’t have a choice but to join the Chamber and then join the Ambassador’s. With the networking opportunities, and the professionalism of Gilda, Jereca, Connie, and Kim, they will sit down with you and offer their expertise in networking, and tell you about opportunities or create new opens to further your business"

—Craig Borden, Primerica Financial Services

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