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Our city offers a variety of essential resources for new and existing businesses of any size or industry including local offices for the U.S. Small Business Administration as well as a local branch of the Small Business Development Center sponsored by the University of Wyoming.

Casper Area Chamber of Commerce

The Casper Area Chamber of Commerce is a diverse group of businesses from large to small: service, manufacturing, retail, business-to-business, professional services, and existing and new businesses. The Chamber provides effective networking opportunities and a strong information resource for members, the Casper area business community, and the public. The Chamber committees work on projects and initiatives to strengthen the business community. 500 N. Center Street, Casper, (307) 234-5311,

Casper Area Economic Development Alliance

Casper Area Economic Development Alliance (CAEDA) serves as the principal catalyst for economic development through leading, encouraging and facilitating diversification and expansion of the Casper and Natrona County economy.
Our primary focus is job growth through local business expansion, recruiting complementary businesses, and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship. Community development, infrastructure and job creation are equally important to economic growth.

Forward Casper represents the private side of the organization, where private businesses invest in economic development to help drive diversification and expansion of our local economy. 300 S. Wolcott, Suite 300, Casper, (307) 577-7011,

Downtown Development Authority

The DDA works as an advocate for Downtown Casper through a mill levy. In existence since 1989, they work to fill vacant space, keep and maintain postal services and convenient parking, and promote Downtown Casper as a great place to shop, work, and have fun. The DDA has formed partnerships with many organizations, as well as property and business owners, to help achieve its goals, taking action to revitalize and enhance Downtown Casper to create an inviting center for business and social opportunities for Casper area residents and visitors. 109 West 2nd Street, Casper, (307) 235-6710,

Small Business Development Center

There are several Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) sponsored throughout the state by the University of Wyoming in cooperation with the State of Wyoming and the Small Business Administration. These centers provide business counseling and sponsor many seminars, focusing on new or existing businesses. They maintain a reference library of business information and can facilitate contacts with other professionals and organizations to assist small businesses. 300 S. Wolcott, Suite 300, Casper, (307) 234-6683 or (800) 348-5207.

U.S. Small Business Administration

The Wyoming SBA District Office offers many programs that assist entrepreneurs in starting and staying in business. The Casper office offers information on government guaranteed loans, presents educational seminars, and distributes publications. The SBA provides assistance to independently owned and operated businesses, not dominant within its field, and falls within size standards met by the SBA. Wyoming District Office, 100 E. ‘B’ Street, Room 4001, Casper, (307) 261-6500.

Wyoming Business Council

The Wyoming Business Council focuses on public and private efforts to build a strong job base with manufacturing and technology as core competencies while strengthening the existing business and industry groups under minerals and energy, agriculture, tourism, and travel. Their Interactive Business Center provides additional information and assistance. 300 S. Wolcott, Suite 300, Casper, (307) 577-6012.

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