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E3 Young Professionals Network

The E3 (Engage, Empower, Educate) young professionals network strives to cultivate the next generation of professionals within the Casper Area as well as optimize the overall quality of life within the community to make Natrona County community a better place to live, work, and play. This committee works towards positioning young professionals in community leadership positions, nonprofit governing boards, government advisory councils, etc., while providing them with networking opportunities, an awareness of the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce and other Casper Area Businesses, as well as professional and personal development skills. This is an auxiliary group, therefore, inviting participation from anyone between the ages of 18 - 35

The Goals

-Teach committee members about community resources.

-Offer professional development in the form of educational conferences, forums, and seminars featuring keynote speakers, accomplished business people and even young entrepreneurs who will motivate and educate young professionals.

-Offer networking opportunities in both formal and informal events which will be held on a monthly basis and may include a social, picnic, or other type of event. These networking events will often times be family-friendly designed to unite the group in a relaxed atmosphere.

-Offer civic awareness through diversified programing in which E3 YPN Members will observe local and state awareness and contribute to policy debates. This will result in a more educated public and the advancement of the Casper / Natrona County community as a civic conscious community.

The Structure

The E3 Young Professionals Network will mirror the structure of the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce by having an Executive Committee and a Steering Committee. The Executive Committee will include the Committee Chairperson (President), Vice-Chairperson (President-Elect), Secretary-Treasurer, a Chamber Liaison, and 2 additional representatives. In the future, there will be a Past Chairperson (Past-President). The Executive Committee will be designed to assess the overall progress of the committee and often times be asked to report to the Chamber’s Executive Committee. The Steering Committee, much like the Chamber Board of Directors, will be comprised of no less than twelve committee members including the Executive Committee. The Steering Committee is designed to plan committee events and meetings as well as brainstorm strategic goals to retain members, gain members, and participate in the development, adoption and implementation of the E3 Young Professionals Network.

Members of the committee will become involved in a series of interactive activities and social networking opportunities which will take place every month. This committee will begin in August 2017 with an introduction to the objectives of the committee. In an orientation session, members will meet each other and learn the benefits of being a member of E3 as well as discuss what they would like to personally and professionally gain from this committee.

Proposed Annual/Monthly Meetings and Events Include:

-Annual Retreat (yearly meeting with guest speakers and development of strategic goals)

-Monthly Executive Committee Meetings

-Monthly Steering Committee Meetings

-Monthly Business Networking Meetings (Meetings can be held anywhere; but must offer some sort of professional development i.e. financial services, health / wellness in the workplace, advertising / marketing...etc.)

The Results

For the individual:
-Expanded business and social network

-Achieve personal and professional growth

-Attend events and explore volunteer opportunities

-Participate in educational activities

-Gain a greater knowledge of the Casper / Natrona County community

For the community:
-Future leaders working with others to ensure Casper / Natrona County remains a great place to live, work, and play

-Enriching the Casper / Natrona County community by uniting and developing young professionals

Calling all young professionals!

Cultivate the next generation of professionals within the Casper Area & optimize the overall quality of life within the community.

Gain professional & personal development skills!


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