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Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Council

The Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Council works to identify industry concerns and issues, while working together with partner agencies to attract visitors, uniting the hospitality industry.

The Goals

-Communicate Casper Area Events to hoteliers, restaurants, and attraction agencies.

-Work with partner agencies to strengthen Casper's economy through the promotion of the region as a vacation destination.

The Structure

The Council will be comprised of individuals employed by Chamber member organizations in the tourism and hospitality industries for the purpose of identifying industry concerns and issues, attracting visitors, and uniting the hospitality industry. This Committee would work with the Chamber to address community ability to manage the influx of new and temporary business. It would also serve as a vehicle to enable hoteliers, restaurants, entertainment venues, retailers, etc., to be better informed and play a more active role.

The Results

-Showcase all that Casper and Natrona County have to offer to visiting tourists

-Collaborate with partner agencies to promote tourism as an economic and sustainable industry.

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What Members Are Saying

Casper Chamber Members, in their own words, on the value of Committee Involvement

“Being in the hospitality industry, I wanted to be part of a group that is familiar and passionate about tourism and hospitality in Casper. Being a member of the Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Council Committee has lots of benefits. It allows representatives from the tourism and hospitality industry to get together and discuss upcoming events, happenings, changes, city events, etc. In my opinion, the best thing about being a member of the Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Council is being able to stay connected with local tourism and hospitality professionals. I would highly recommend becoming a member of the Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Council to represent your business, build your network and stay connected with tourism and hospitality professionals.”

—Amber Shepherd, Parkway Plaza Hotel & Convention Center

“I initially joined the Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Council to keep up on what is going on in Casper and be a part in making it happens. By being a member of this committee, I am able to go more into what is going on in the city, things to do places to eat etc. The best part about being a member of the Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Council is the opportunity to meet different companies and people and while seeing how we can make it better as a group. For anyone interested in joining the Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Council, I say you should to get your company out there and to be involved with the city.” —Debbie Fox, Super 8

“I choose to be part of this council to learn about what we can do to add more clarity and interest to how visitors can see what Casper has to make Casper more of a destination than a place to drive thru to other destinations. I want to see what is being done with the funding that is available is actually being spent and there is knowledge that their decisions are working to help grow CASPER. We are finding out how we can become more involved with the CACVB to see what they have to offer that we were not aware of. We are beginning to be asked to be present and given more information in what the CACVB is doing and we never were part of. My initial support directly came from the Chamber of Commerce. Their staff has just been awesome and so very supportive with many suggestions and offers. I believe for me is having a connection to "what" is going on. How there are people that are actively trying to help themselves in their business, but also wanting to help others as well. Offering their time and effort to talk to you and help with your business. They become someone of support for your business but I can also see how we can help others to. To anyone considering joining the Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Council, I would suggest they come to make their own decision on joining. We are always open to hear what people have to say, what their concerns are and how they see they can be part of our "mission". It is only about 1 hour a month to join a group, listen and learn. What could be better!!”

—Melinda Clair, Divine Travels

“By joining the Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Council, I started to be able to share with others about the Wyoming Symphony Season dates and to encourage hoteliers to be able to let their customers know about us. We have been able to provide concert posters to be put up in the hotels and businesses in Casper as well as form great relationships with the hotels in town for our musicians and out of town patrons to stay at. The best part about being a member of this committee is being able to work with others that have wonderful ideas on how to make Casper a premier destination. To anyone interested in joining the committee, I say they should, but only if they are willing to put in effort and not expect to only get something out of it without effort.”

—Erin Helms, Wyoming Symphony Orchestra

“Visit Casper is the driving force behind tourism for Natrona County. Educating more people about Wyoming’s #2 largest industry is very important. By being a member of this committee, we have had opportunities to ask for volunteers for large community events, promote programs we are running like our CTA program and Connect in Casper, and it has been another step in building close relationships with our partners. In my opinion, the best part of the Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Council enables me to have a “finger on the pulse” staying connected with the major players in our industry. To anyone interested in joining the committee, I would say that Tourism effects everyone in Wyoming. By having a membership to this organization it enables you to stay connected and educated to the #2 industry in Wyoming.”

—Ryan Hauck, VisitCasper

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